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10 Year Reunion Video
Our ten year reunion video is available on DVD at
Last Post: Aug 14th 2008
Author: stbrown
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On Friday evening 10/10 our Dreadnaughts will be taking on the Lake Gibson Braves @ Lake Gibson HS on the north side of town. The school is only 15/20 minutes or so from the Lake Mirror Center where...
Last Post: May 28th 2008
Author: mcokee
# of posts: 4
Formal or casual
I was looking at the 77 class reunion site. They have some notes regarding what they would do different. They seemed to agree on no formal sit down dinner. Just a casual get together. Just a...
Last Post: Mar 27th 2008
Author: lgriffin
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Name Tags
Please, please have some sort of name tags with a picture of our graduation photo!! I'm pretty good with faces ,but, really after 30 years???? Thanks!
Last Post: Mar 24th 2008
Author: kmouton
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